Mission Statement

We came up with BCP one day on the couch.. it gave us a way to separate ourselves from the rest of the poker world in a fun way because let’s face it, we’ve always been a little different.  We are really competitive guys.  We work hard and aggressively pursue our goals, while also having a good time and maintaining balance.  We then invited a few of our friends, who were like minded and saw things the same way we did, to join us and form the team.  The concept of team is the backbone of the whole thing. That, and winning OUR way. We support each other, push each other to live right, improve, and stay focused in a game, and lifestyle, where you can easily be distracted. That being said, we still like to go out, party, live life and have a great time. So, we invite you to join us through our website and all of our posts from the road.



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