2013 – Robbery, Redemption, a Paternity Case, and the end of an Era




Alright… Here we go. I haven’t written a blog since I wrapped up 2012 with my “Sprinting Through the Finish Line” post on aaronmasseypoker.com to start the year. Now that we launched BCP, it seemed like a great time to get back to blogging, to give everyone a look into what we got going on.

Over the last year, a lot has happened..
On Jan 4, 2013 I flew to PCA to start the year. It was bad.  It started with the Main Event.. I made day 2 but misplayed a hand on the feature table against Michael Phelps.  I was then eliminated in another hand short after, where I got very unlucky. I had a losing trip, and also got a bottle smashed over my head by some Bahamian animal at a local bar for no apparent reason.  I showed up to the bar off the Island around 2am, and was there less than 10 mins when this person decided he didn’t want to me to stand where I was standing, or maybe bc his girlfriend looked at me. Either way, he smashes a bottle over my face without me saying a word to him. True story.  Baze was there and saw the whole thing. It was completely unprovoked and I had absolutely no recourse given where we were.  To add insult to injury, when we reached “authorities”, they didn’t try to help me.  What they tried to do was get me to sign these papers and pay them for my potential medical care.  They tried to have me sign more papers and give them more money… It was an attempt to take advantage of me with no intent of helping me.  Baze and I both felt they were trying to soak me, and not help me, so we took off and jumped in a cab. It was a terribly disheartening experience.  Oh wait, I got robbed too… After clearing customs, by airport personnel, when trying to leave the Bahamas to go back to the US. This was my fault bc the cash should have been on my person at all times, but I slipped for just a moment and it cost me bundles of dough.  These Bahamian airport thieves know there’s a bunch of American kids coming back from this poker tourney with a lot of money. I’m not the first or the last victim.  But either way, they got me. So I arrive in AC for the Borgota series demoralized but…I won the $1090 re-entry event 6 days after getting robbed in the Bahamas. The $57k win would only keep my morale up for 1 day, as this redemption from the Bahamas debacle was short lived.
I posted about my win on Facebook, and within an hour I received a private message from some girl in Chicago that I slept with a few times in 2011. In a nutshell, she tells me that she has a 6 month baby girl and its mine. Instead of blocking her for her apparent extortion attempt, I addressed the situation like a man.  I didn’t want to be like my father, the coward that deserted Ralph and I on the street with nothing in 1987.  If there was even a 5% chance she was mine, I wanted to know. If she had my blood I was gonna step up and raise a champion.  I consulted with many, and based on the timeframe, and the pictures of this child, it was literally 50/50 if the baby was mine.  You may ask yourself, why would she just be telling you about this when the baby is already 6 months old? Answer; she had a boyfriend the entire time (acting father) and was sneaking away to see me unbeknownst to anyone including me.  She now hates the boyfriend, but still hasn’t told him anything about me.  She just told her mom about me for the first time, and is now hoping to God the baby is mine for multiple reasons.  I let her know that I will be home after the LAPC in March and we will immediately get a paternity test done. I wasnt gonna stop working and come straight home. whether the baby was mine or not, I needed to keep earning.  For now, I was staying in close contact with her. At this point, every day was an emotional roller coaster for me, although few could ever tell I was going thru anything.  This was by far the biggest test of character I’ve ever been challenged with.  Although I never relied on parents, I always had Ralph. He raised me, taught me and supported me my whole life.   After I won Winstar in September 2012, I was able to relieve my brother of the task of supporting me.  He did what he had to do for a long time so we could live and I assisted him.  I was his right hand man. He believed that if he stuck with me long enough, I would win some huge tournament and set us free from the lifestyle we had been living. His friends thought his plan was crazy, but Ralph knew I was going to suceed.  After Winstar, I started backing Ralph and he became a full time, traveling tournament pro like me.  For the first time in my life,  I was the one being relied on by him, and my sister Celia.  Not only with money, but with leadership.  On top of this, I now had this baby ordeal that was consuming me, while still attempting to play every tournament at a world class level.  I was an emotional wreck but I held it together on the exterior, while still doing everything I had to do.  I kept grinding, hitting a few more stops including the WSOPC in Vegas.  Everyday was a test of my fortitude. The child, the money, the responsibility, my future… Everything just weighed on me.  The day before I was supposed to leave Vegas for LAPC I woke up to an anxiety attack like nothing I had ever had.  I called Ralph and told him I was gonna come home. I was having trouble breathing and I was a mess.  Even though LAPC is something I really looked forward too, I had to go back to Chicago to take care of this. I also knew the the Chicago Poker Classic was going on at the same time, and I would still be able to play in a great series.  So I fly home, and plan to get the paternity test when I advance to Day 2 of CPC Event #1 350 re-entry. It had 6 starting days and I just had to get thru once, but I bricked every single day, was in for 11 bullets, and couldn’t advance.  Now I couldn’t get the test until the series was over… another week.  I had to play everyday. I had to earn money bc at this point, I was sure I was the father of that child.  With all this weighing on me, I still stayed focused and won the $5k Heads up No limit title as well as making a run in the Main Event. Coupled with what Ralph made that series (11th in massive Event #1 and 8th in the Main Event), playing here turned out to be for the best. The day after the Main Event my cousin Saul picked me up, we picked up this girl and her daughter, and went to get the test done. As soon as this girl put the baby in the backseat, I turned around to greet this child for the first time.  When I saw her, I just didn’t feel it. I figured if this child was mine I would just know when I met her.  We went and got the most complete test done and the results came back a few days later saying there a 0% chance of paternity.  The whole thing turned out to be a hoax. Or wishful thinking on her part.. Either way, it was over.  I felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders.  As I sat back and reflected on everything, I was unbelievably proud of myself for the way I handled the toughest time in my life.  With so much on my plate, I addressed everything I had to do while still thriving in poker at a high level. Most importantly, I handled this situation like a man. I didn’t run. I stepped up to the plate the way my father couldn’t, and that gave me a lot of strength. I felt like I had turned a corner in life.
The next couple months were real good.  We worked out an even better deal for Ralph and we were ready to roll.  We went to Colorado which was a lot of fun and then to Foxwoods where I won my 2nd ring. Ralph got a 2nd and Kevin Saul strolled in from Chicago and won the Main Event. We drove to AC then I flew to Florida and got my 1st WPT cash in the SHR $5k. I flew back to AC for the Borgota Main, then to Chicago for a televised WCPC appearance with Chris Moneymaker.  I then played WPT’s in Jacksonville and Montreal.  Montreal is the greatest city in North America that I have ever been to outside of NYC.  The culture, the style, the people, and the women make it what it is.  I’ve never been in a city where I was outnumbered by women everywhere I went. I’m used to sausage fests.  I’m used to there being a bunch of pigs around thirsting after every girl, creating a “meat market” of supply and demand, where pussy values are driven sky high.  But not in Montreal, oh no, not in Montreal. From there I went to New Orleans for the National Championship.  I didn’t cash in the tourney, but I did have relations in an elevator my last night there.   I left her at 5am and was walking back to my hotel after this experience feeling great. But, the mood changed quickly as I became involved in altercation.  Some dude walked up to me and told me that I had a nice IPhone.  This was his way of either trying to intimidate me or initiating a robbery attempt.  He was caught off guard to say the least.  I was quick and efficient.  I stomped him out in under 60 seconds and busted his face up real nice.  Some street spectators were cheering and recording with their phones, one of which was this hilarious old black guy.  The villan broke my favorite chain tho, so that sucked.  The next morning I drove cross country to New Mexico with John Dolan to play a HPT, on our way to Vegas for the WSOP.  The long ride was easy thanks to Dr. Dabber, even when we drove through Arizona… Dolan didn’t like Arizona very much.  But… We made it to Vegas.
I got crushed at the 2012 WSOP and I was not about to let it happen again.  The summer before, I went out and partied a lot.  I was running around Vegas with the “BillyGoat”, chasing girls every night, drinking, and putting a lot of time, energy, and importance on the wrong things.  I bricked off the whole summer and I know my lack of discipline and focus were major factors in my results. This 2013 summer was gonna be different.  I was prepared to do it the right way, and I did.  I ended the summer with 5 WSOP cashes including a 12th in the ante only event, and got 2nd in a Rio Daily for $25k.  Although this looks good on paper, I actually had a losing summer. However, I worked very hard, I was disciplined, and I was focused on the right things.   Ironically, I had tons of success with women while putting in minimal time and effort. The year before I was out chasing it every night like a championship pig, wasting all my time, effort, and focus.  This summer I didn’t force it, and I didn’t put the pussy on a pedestal when I did go out.  It was also during the WSOP that we launched our team “Big Cock Poker”. We started wearing our team patches in July, halfway thru the series.  And that was the inception of BCP…..
After Vegas, I went back to Chicago and took my first break of the year. For 3 weeks I did whatever I wanted.  I went out a lot and Ralph and I got the royal treatment everywhere we went.  I lived at 4 different places over the 3 weeks, including with this girl I met, that insisted I stay with her while I was in Chicago. It sounded good to me…. but… she hit psycho stalker status by day 5 or 6.  She was beyond obsessive and was no doubt the biggest head case I had ever dealt with… so she got showered.  I went to Lake of the Ozarks one weekend for a bachelor party and sent out some snapchats to my pig friends of Uncle Larry getting dirty. I came back to Chicago and went out with a  bang.  More snapchats for the pigs… many epic nights.  After the homecoming tour of Chicago we got back to work and hit the road.
Foxwoods- got 2nd to Ari Engel in a $580 event where Ari won his 6th ring
Seminole Hardrock $10million- I made a run and got like 70th for $23k
Winstar-as defending champion I was givin a 1 free buyin but I bricked all 3 flights
Borgota-I made a run in the Heads up event, lost in the quarterfinals to Gaucho, but Kevin beat him in the finals and won the title. The Main Event was a WPT. As a “Ones to Watch”, the cameras were on me the entire time.  They filmed me a lot but, unfortunately, I couldn’t make a run.
AC was also the end of my run with the “BillyGoat”.  For over 3 years, me and him did everything, and went everywhere together.  I was his best friend, the best kind of friend you could have in this game.  Throughout most of our friendship, we were on completely separate paths, but I was still doing everything I could to help Billy get his life back, include supporting him in every single way, every single day.  I also protected his name, and his image, the entire time.  I was sitting at Izakaya (in Borgota) when I became aware of a windfall of lies, dealing with money, that he had been concealing from me. Although I knew he had several serious issues, and although I already didn’t believe many of the things he said (bc of his issues), it became clear that his darkest lies had spanned our entire relationship, and were much more serious than the normal stuff he usually lied to us about (I.e. alcohol, his daily events, etc.)  The fallout ended at Harrah’s that night, when I confronted him, and what ensued was something I would like to forget.  During the confrontation, my “best friend” told me that I was a piece of shit, I’ve always been a piece of shit, and that’s why bad things happen to me. That’s why my dad left me on the street when I was a kid, and that’s why I don’t have a relationship with my mother (issues that Ralph and I struggle with).  Billy was backed into a corner and instead of addressing anything, he attacked me by saying malicious things that he thought would hurt me most, even though they were irrelevant to the situation, where I was the victim.  Long story kind of short..  I had to cut ties with the closest person in my life besides Ralph.  This is still something I am truly struggling with, as there has been no resolution to any of the issues.  Oh well, life must go on..
Ralph and I took a greyhound all the way from AC to Cincinnati with 5 suitcases and 2 backpacks.  This was the beginning of the Midwest WSOPC mop tour.
Cincinnati to Louisville where Ralph won his first ring in the exact same event I won my first ring in 1 year prior.  From there we played Hammond and stayed at the condo of Jerylin, BCP’s 1st lady, in downtown Chicago.  We played everyday and partied a lot with my friends.  Then went back to Cincinnati, played HPT’s at Belterra, and then in St. Louis at River City.  Baze got 4th place there, and he and I then flew to Jacksonville to play a WPT while Ralph went to Bossier City for more WSOPC.  From Jacksonville we flew to Philly, rented a car, and drove through New York to Connecticut play the DSPT at Mohegan Sun.  We drove back to AC for the Borgota Main Event.  I made day 3 but cashed out in 32nd place.  I spent Thanksgiving in AC with Ralph and a few others ( Jamie Kerstetter, Alex Rocha, John Allen the Bistro, Jen Shahade, dealers Chris and Tess…) for a Vagabond holiday feast.  The last stop before heading home was WPT Montreal.  I flew to Vermont then met Victor Ramdin, Mike Dentale, Mike Linster, and Jake Schwartz for a hilarious International caravan through the snow.  I didn’t do well in the tournament, but I swapped with Mukul Pahuja (2nd place) so I didn’t lose on the trip.  I went out the last few days in Montreal and partied.  It was awesome, I have stories, and that’s all I have to say about that.
Finally it was time to come home.  However, I had one more event to play before I could take my vacation time…. HPT Majestic Star.  I grew up playing in Gary Indiana casinos such as Majestic, Trump, and Resorts, before Horseshoe Hammond had even opened.  For years, I grinded these Casinos daily, along with the Chicago underground clubs.  In my humble opinion, Chicagoland poker is truly the toughest in the country.  When Heartland and WSOP tournaments come to town, the entire Chicagoland poker scene shows up… It’s truly something special and something I’m honored to be a part of.  All the faces from all of the years show up, and everyone knows everyone.  I flew into Chicago on Thursday night, gave myself a 2am curfew, and left the club at 1:56am.  The next morning I crushed my Day 1 flight and bagged a top 5 overall stack.  The next day I once again went out, and once again imposed a curfew on myself.  I told all my friends that I was going to make the final table and bc its televised, they have to be there on Monday.  The next day I kept my foot on the gas, made great decisions, and made the final 9.  The final table was set and 3 BCP members had made the TV table.  Joey Hebs and George Deitz were both there with me.  With 3 patches at the televised table, BCP was well represented.  George got 8th, Joey got 5th and I ended up falling just short of the title in 2nd place.  All of us were both happy and disappointed in the results, but all agreed to build off this amazing experience.  Having so many of our closest friends on the rail, and watching the live stream, made it one of the most special experiences of my life.  Can’t wait for it to be televised…
So that has been a wrap up of my year.  I put in a lot of work last year, and improved a lot both at poker, and at life.  I had over 30 live cashes in 2013, and finished #16 on bluff.com world power rankings to end the year.  I also made a few of the biggest mistakes of my lifetime this year as well.  Through the good and the bad, I have learned so much.  There is a lot that I left out, but over time more details can, and may be revieled here on bigcockpoker.
We have a lot of ideas of what we want to do with our website, and our team.  There are many projects we have discussed that we haven’t began.  In our defense, we don’t have much time bc we do play almost everyday, but we are going to make an effort to create and post content.  So many people ask me, what is Big Cock Poker? Is it a website? Can u play poker there? Do u do coaching? Is this for real? Etc…
We have given very ambiguous answers bc to be honest, we don’t know what it is yet.  We have so many great ideas but we need some more time, and more effort on our part, to create the right type of content for the site. We’re calling this process PROJECT BCP.  There are several things we want to do, but we’re just poker players, and on top of that, we’re mops, so bear with us.  Hopefully, this turns into something special down the line. For now, we’re just having fun with something we can call our own.
Looking forward to sharing our lives with all of you. Stay tuned y’all..



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  1. FreddieMays's Gravatar FreddieMays
    November 6, 2015    

    Starts off really well – how you handled that paternity issue – and I quite liked how you smacked up the attemptedrobber. But having dealt with that your endless droning about “pussy”, “pigs” blah blah and “X sum of money” etc etc. You’re unbelievably shallow. Two strings to your bow. Birds and poker, You learned nothing from that experience.

    You’re boring.

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